February 21 Search & Update

We are still searching for Miles he has been missing since the evening of February 6th. We are sick with worry with the cold weather and the amount of days and nights that have passed. We are still hopeful that with Miles limited bush knowledge that he was able to find some place to stay out of the elements and that he is out there waiting for us to find him!

We had drones doing a grid search of the area where his last clothing was found on February 19th and 20th and today we continued with smaller drones that can fly under the tree canopy and see closer to the ground. We realize that we have a much higher chance of finding Miles on the ground with dog teams, we are in contact with them and waiting to find out when they will arrive. Everyday we have been scouring every inch of the forest waiting to find him around every corner.

We decided that the next phase of our searching will include grid searches. We have had many many community volunteers walking every trail on the island over and over and many many residents searching their properties and outbuildings on a daily basis. We are so appreciative of everyone that can continue in this effort. We spread a wide net over the Island and every person here has been so helpful and supportive. Many have been out practically every daylight hour using their knowledge of the landscape to tirelessly search every place they can think of.

Yet we still have not found him… talking with the RCMP yesterday they also confirmed that they have not seen Miles on the ferry footage leaving the Island. There has been some possible sightings of Miles off Island but when we followed up on them it was not Miles that had been seen. We believe that Miles is on Cortes, getting off the trails in a group effort may be one of our best chances of finding Miles or at least picking up the trail of his closest whereabouts.

We are planning to put out a location of our community grid search the day before the search each day and we are going to try and meet there at 1pm. Whoever can make it please bring warm clothing, proper footwear, water, a whistle (and any extra whistles you can lend us), small first aid kits, high vis if you have it and a phone or camera.

Tomorrow we are meeting at the first intersection of Mary Point Rd where the powerline road/trail meets it at 1pm I will attach a map. You can call our new contact number
(778) 348-3603 (Campbell River local) and listen to the message to find out where we are focusing our search that day and the time and exact location of the group grid search. Leave a message if you would like us to call back or if you are letting us know a place that you have searched.

This astounding community has held and supported us so gracefully through this trying, painful and stressful time we are in your debt and so thankful!

In thanks
Jade Jordan

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