Info page

If you have any information that may lead to Miles return or whereabouts please call 911, or the Quadra Island RCMP: (250)285-3631

Your help is more than welcome, whether you are near or far.

More on Miles Meester, FAQs & Thank You’s below

We love you Miles.


Miles Meester

20 year old Miles Meester was last seen in the late evening on Thursday, February 6, 2020 at the corner of Austin and Sutil Point Rd in Manson’s Landing. He is a polite, sweet, quiet, reserved and hard working young man. You may have seen him bussing dishes at the Coop, or grabbing a snack at Bertha’s. He is 5’11”, has brown hair and brown eyes. He also has two small birth marks under his right eye and often wore dark clothes and a plaid coat.  It is possible he has found other clothes, so we cannot say for certain what he is wearing, but they are possibly similar to what was described. 

He is not an outdoorsy type or a camper. The log down at Hague Lake’s sandy beach was a spot he went to when he needed alone time.

Miles left his Grandmas home in a rush and a state of frustration without his bag, wallet, ID, any of the things you would take with you if you were planning an exit off of the island.  He was not acting like himself.  We have not seen him since.

Ferries and water taxis were immediately notified and have been on the look out for him. RCMP and Search and Rescue teams spent days gridding and searching Cortes Island to no avail. Family, friends and community members continue to search for this lovely young man.

Miles is much loved by his family, friends and coworkers.

Please help us do whatever it takes to bring Miles home.

You can download, print & share this poster if you’re in Lund/Powell River, Campbell River or the Comox Valley.

Notice the two small birthmarks under his right eye.


What We Know


We appreciate that the community has many questions as the search for Miles continues. We will answer what we can.

How do you know he is still on island?
All boats at the government docks are accounted for and Miles has not been seen on any of the webcams at the ferry or wharves.  As far as we know all boats on island are accounted for. The ferry was notified before another ferry left the island and for the first 5 days, everyone boarding the ferry was shown his missing poster.

Has he done this before?

Did he plan this?
This seems to have happened on impulse in the moment.

Did he grow up on the island?
No. He was a baby on Cortes, but spent most of his life in Campbell River. For the last year and a half he has lived in Manson’s, worked at the Coop Cafe, sometimes dug clams with his dad by Cortes Bay, visited his auntie and grandad on Linnaea, but otherwise was not very familiar with the local trails.

Is anyone looking for him in CR?
Yes, he has family in Campbell River and a home he is welcome in and knows well. Family is on the lookout for him there, and following up any potential sightings.  None of them have proven to be Miles.

Has any sign of him been found?
Yes, his coat was found on Bartholemew RD between Red Granite and the Cortes Bay Docks. His sock was found on Manzanita Rd near Tann, and most disturbingly, his long sleeve tee and two jackets were found in an old grow show water reservoir on the bluffs above the old burned out cabin on the north coast past the entrance to Cortes Bay (at the end of Manzanita RD). The area had a strong scent of urine, which could indicate he spent some time there. There was also a cigarette butt and a granola bar at a nearby shed. We don’t know if a searcher or possibly Miles left that.

Has that area been searched?
Yes. Kind local and off island friends, folks & family, RCMP, Search & Rescue, drones, and K9 dogs have scoured this area from the coast back through the old clear cut by Wolf Bluff. Canoes and boats have checked the coastline from Cortes Bay to Tiber Bay.

Does Miles smoke?
Miles had given up smoking two weeks prior.

Was he suicidal?
We never know the contents of each others hearts and minds, but there has been no reason to believe, or evidence to point toward,  the idea that he was considering suicide or self-harm. 

How come some information feels like it is being held back?
We are trying to be as transparent as we can be while adhering to the RCMPs recommendations that certain information not be public knowledge. We also want to walk gently, knowing the great emotional toll this is having on the family. The things we omit are done with great care and love. We hope you understand.

Meal Train + Donations


As you can understand, the family has been working tirelessly to coordinate the search for Miles, hiking vast amounts of terrain, not sleeping much from worry and distress.  Desta has kindly coordinated Meal Trains for the family as well as meals for the off island experts who have come to the island to support the search. 

Bringing them food is SO very helpful.

The Meal Train for Miles Cortes Family

You can also join the CONTACT LIST for potential FUTURE MEALS

Desta has also kindly set up a GoFundMe page for Miles.  All funds are being used to support the search and will be used to support Miles and the family once he has been found.



Join the Search


We are INCREDIBLY grateful to everyone who is helping, and we humbly ask your forgiveness for repeated requests. The search for Miles continues and there are many ways to help on the ground. We are so very appreciative of the way the community has come together to help out and are hopeful Miles will soon be home.

Searches are happening daily.

Please read our Search Guidelines if you are new to the search.

Research shows that the most effective was of searching for a missing person is to do intensive grid searches over areas of interest. We are planning to put out a location of our community grid search the day before the search each day and we are going to try and meet there at 1pm. 

GRID SEARCHES typically take 2-3 hours. Whoever can make it please bring warm clothing, proper footwear, water, a whistle (and any extra whistles you can lend us), small first aid kits, high vis if you have it and a phone or camera.

THE LATEST grid search meet up details can be found HERE or call (778) 348-3603 (Campbell River local) and listen to the message to find out where we are focusing our search that day, and the time and exact location of the group grid search.

Leave a message if you would like us to call back or if you are letting us know a place that you have searched.

Going for a walk and wondering if there is a route that could help today’s search?

FOR THE LATEST ROUTES of interest details call (778) 348-3603 or HERE. Please ensure you are familiar with our Search Guidelines.

Here are some other ways to help:

CHECK YOUR PROPERTY. We are asking the public to continue to check your property and outbuildings DAILY and account for your vehicles and boats. Please leave a message at 778-348-3603 or email if you have not already let us know your property is being checked daily so we can check your property off our map.

If you need help checking your property, please be in touch and we will send someone out.

Not able to be boots on the ground?  You can still help. 

Donations to the search help us bring in more K9 search & rescue dogs & keep drones flying.


This astounding community has held and supported us so gracefully through this trying, painful and stressful time we are in your debt and so thankful!

Folks here has been so helpful and supportive.

Many have been out practically every daylight hour using their knowledge of the land to tirelessly search every place they can think of.

A special

The community support has been heartfelt, caring, overwhelming at times and really affirming as to why we love our little island home.

 Canadian Search and Disaster Dogs Association

Thank you Teresa, Julie and Jessica for spending three days intensively searching with us. And thank you for sticking with us!

Infra-Red Drone Crew

We didn’t know what was possible.  Thank you for donating the use of your equipment for two days of searching.

Search and Rescue Team Volunteers (Van Isl)

Thank you for leaving your lives to come grid our forests to launch our search for Miles. We were amazed at how many of you came out.

This scale of search effort takes many hands and many boots, and we would like to have an ongoing space to thank the folks who are coming out and helping in the ways that work for them.

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You, as a community, have shown compassion, resilience, incredible support and love. THANK YOU for searching your properties and out buildings so that we can focus in the more wild places.

So many people have been spening tireless hours searching, walking, hiking, helping and keeping a close eye out for our beloved Miles. Businesses are donating time, food, and accommodations.  The meal train is keeping the family, friends, and off island searchers well fed so they can focus their energies elsewhere. Our coordinators are amazing and are working long hours, strategizing, planning, researching, and coordinating many efforts as we continue to search for Miles.

With true and endearing love and thank you:

Erica Køhn
Desta Beattie
Misty Thorne and Family
Frances Guthrie

have gone above and beyond in their efforts, help and searching.

A massive thank you to:

The Quadra RCMP
Search and Rescue Team Volunteers (Vancouver Island)
Cortes Firefighters
Cortes Market
The Co-op and Cafe
Squirrel Cove Store
Gorge Harbour Marina
Mansons Hall
Cortes Security
Wymyns Centre
B.C Ferries
Bertha Jeffry
Fred Jeffery
Sure Copy-Courtenay
Linnaea Farm
Strategic Natural Resources with Mike Morellato and Will Johnson 
Patrick Delaney, Mikkel Andersen, Julio A. Zyserman of the DHI Group for Ocean Water Modelling
Harbour Authority of Cortes Island and Jenny Hartwick
Kelly Wand
Tanya Henck
Laurel Bohart
Ben Howells and Katreena Bennett

A Very Big Bowl of Gratitude to every single person and dollar that was donated to the GoFundMe account set up for Miles Meester. These funds truly help the search efforts, accommodations, meals and resources that are needed in an operation this large. From dogs, to drones and divers, to people on the ground-every little bit helps!

The incredible dog team from Canadian Search and Disaster Dogs Association with Teresa Thorpe and Belle, Jessica Bostew and Colt, Julie Wong and Harvey – these amazing women and their dogs worked so hard tramping through dense Cortes forest, clearcuts and bush. They covered a huge area in a couple days – we are truly grateful for their dedication, volunteering their time and all the hard work they do!

The folks who navigated the rugged terrain for the dog handlers and helped in their extensive searches are (and many searched other days too):

Jes Lennox
Colin Anderson
Sara Turner
Steve Johnson
Iris Steigman
Mark Lombard
Estelle Norris
Christine and Cec Robinson
Megan Wood
Justin Moose
Mark Vonesch
Bill Wheeler

These folks spent the first week solidly hiking and searching: we deeply thank you!

Dennis Newsham
Gary Block
Misty Thorne and Family
Bill Wheeler

And the long and incredible list of helpers, supporters and searchers:

Mary Clare
Mercedes Grant
Jesse Jenkinson
Su John
Mary Lavalle
Hannu Huuskonen
Mark Christian
Travis Pawlak
Mac Diver
Eli McKenty
Ashleigh Bevin
Jess Towers
Norleen Lillico
Wilson Baker
Dwayne Roberge
Lori Ann
Oriane Lee
Bob Bozly
Mike Hansen
Isaac Tidler
Louis B
Heather Smith
Billie Flemming
Amy Robertson
Wayne Roberts
Jeffrey from Twin Island
Helene Racine
Sandra Wood
Dino and Colleen Dragseth
Chris and Debbie Dragseth
John Muldoe
Aiden Tsakonas
Dova Wiltshire
Barry Miles and Dashiell
Monica Meneghetti
Mike Manson
Tony Clarke
Bert Summers
Marco Costa
Doreen Guthrie
Tanya Krahn
Maureen Williams
Tia and Seever
Sancho Spencer
Jaime LaGrandeur
John, Aaron, and Darcy
Diana Manson
Hazel Appaqaq
Dean Warner
Ayami Stryk
Chelsea and Echel
Phil Hey
Tammy and Bill
Carol and Steve London
Abra Pedroza
Amy and Chris Kendel
Randy and Christine
Nadya and Jim
Nori Fletcher
Paul Stamets
Shawn Howells
Heather Smith
Monte Halliday
Graham Blake
Melanie Kolbeins
Joel & Dana Solomon
Jan Hansen
Amy Robertson
Phil Hey
Jason Thompson
Rick and Carina
Adam Mckenty
Bobbie Gene
Ruth Zwickel
Derek Wallace
Bill Friedel
Jean Fontaine

All the Girls that came together to support, help, and organize:

Abra Pedroza
Amy Bockner
Zoë Miles
Rebecca Lennox
Jessie Lennox
Sara Turner
Megan Wood
Kira Kotilla
Lorraine Bourque
Kaeli Robinsong
Erica Køhn

For babysitting and helping with the kids:

Seren Anderson
Aspen King
Carmanah King 

All The wonderful meals

Kelly Wand
Rebeka Carpenter
Risa Salzburg
Gem Salsberg
Collen Dragseth
Yasmina Cartland
Sarah and Steve
Jessica Pinder
Xuan Ly Betz
Josee Gagnon
Jude Marentette
Gina McCartney
Catriona Vega
Oriane-Lee Johnston
Valerie and Emilie
Gary and Gillian
Jeramie Peacock
Melissa and Laurier
Amy and Jonas
Teresa Hargrave
Kirsten Vidulich
Maureen Williams
Nancy Beach

And the whole community at large – we deeply and sincerely thank you for all your outpouring of love, support, searching, checking buildings,receiving our phone calls  and all the help along the way. 

The search isn’t over yet and we will still be adding names to this list, and if you can think of anyone that is missed please let us know, and if we did miss you just know it was simply an oversight and we fully appreciate all the help and efforts from every single one of you!! 

With all our love and gratitude

Miles’ Family

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