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Anyone can have a friend, but the one that would walk in a storm to find you is all you will ever need.

Shannon L. Alder


We are INCREDIBLY grateful to everyone who is helping, and we humbly ask your forgiveness for repeated requests. The search for Miles continues and there are many ways to help on the ground. We are so very appreciative of the way the community has come together to help out and are hopeful Miles will soon be home.

Searches are happening daily.

Please read our Search Guidelines if you are new to the search.

Research shows that the most effective way of searching for a missing person is to do intensive grid searches over areas of interest. We can cover quite a bit of ground with each person forming a line we can sweep through areas and scratch them off the list of places Miles might be. If we could find 10 or more people to come out 5 or 6 more times we could cover the ground that is still concerning to us. We would love to get a sense of whether or not there are people willing and available to do these types of searches.

There will be hot soup offered for volunteers after the hike, we will announce the locations a few days before each search and will let anyone know who leaves their email where that will be. Please let us know if you can make it by filling out this form. That way we can prepare a plan knowing roughly how many people can attend.

If you are planning on coming a few things to note are that we will be going through different types of terrain and over some bluffs. I will post about the difficulty of each hike so hopefully volunteers at different levels can come out if they feel called. Please bring proper footwear, warm clothes, water, a whistle and any extra whistles that you might have, high visibility clothing, a small first aid kit and a phone or digital camera. Please read our Search Guidelines before coming out (if you have not already).

THE LATEST grid search meet up details can be found HERE or call (778) 348-3603 (Campbell River local) and listen to the message to find out where we are focusing our search that day, and the time and exact location of the group grid search.

Leave a message if you would like us to call back or if you are letting us know a place that you have searched. You can also leave a comment on the bottom each days search post.

Going for a walk and wondering if there is a route that could help today’s search?

THE LATEST ROUTES of interest details can be found HERE or by calling
(778) 348-3603. Please familiarize yourself with our Search Guidelines.

Here are some other ways to help:

CHECK YOUR PROPERTY. We are asking the public to continue to check your property and outbuildings DAILY and account for your vehicles and boats. Please leave a message at 778-348-3603 or email if you have not already let us know your property is being checked daily so we can check your property off our map.

If you need help checking your property, please be in touch and we will send someone out.

Not able to be boots on the ground? You can still help.  Donations to the search help us bring in more K9 search & rescue dogs & keep drones flying.


This astounding community has held and supported us so gracefully through this trying, painful and stressful time we are in your debt and so thankful!

In thanks,
Jade Jordan

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