March 4th Update

Our search continues and it is difficult to start this post I can’t believe that this is still happening. We miss Miles so much and a month is just too long! We are utilizing all of the resources that we can find to search for Miles. My last post was about grid searches but there were a few more things to update you about.

We have the CASDDA dog team from Edmonton returning this Friday and leaving Monday. We are so lucky that these amazing people train and volunteer to do these searches with their own dogs. They are real super heroes!

It can be very helpful for the teams to have someone local with them as they search. I will be contacting some locals who volunteered last time to hopefully go out with the teams again. They are coming with 6 dogs and 12 people for two full days, last time it was 4 people and 4 dogs for one full day. We are hopeful that with this large team and the extra time we will find Miles this weekend!

The SARDAV team from Victoria has not confirmed an exact date but are planning on arriving a few days after CASDDA leave with a team of 15 people. I learned so much and felt so relieved to be helped by these caring skilled people.

We had a small air craft and a drone flying the Island doing a grid over area’s of interest. They work with an organization called Wings of Mercy this is from their website:

“Wings of Mercy is a continually growing volunteer group which uses cutting-edge drone technology to help rural and remote communities locate men, women and children who have gone missing. The group enlists the assistance of drone operators from across North America (and stretches worldwide) to work with families as well as law enforcement and search and rescue teams. As quickly as possible we provide aerial images from dense and challenging areas where it is too risky for humans to tread. We have a Forensic Anthropologist on board, fixed wing pilots, skilled and well versed 4×4’s, ATV’s and off road operator’s as well as Cadaver Dogs all volunteering their services. We WELCOME any and all that want to come on board.
Wings of Mercy provides training for drone operators and free analysis of drone images using “in house developed state-of-the art software”. Most importantly, we support families after formal search and rescue operations have been exhausted, continuing to provide them support and hope in their search for loved ones.”

They have thousands of these high resolution images now and are continuing to use the technology to try and find any sign of Miles by adjusting the search parameters.

We are extremely grateful to all of these incredible organizations that spend countless hours helping families like ours find their loved ones. After all unforeseen expenses a large portion of the go fund me money will be going as donations to these organizations which run completely not for profit, by volunteers who fly around the world finding lost people.

Finally to the Cortes community, thank you thank you thank you we can’t say it enough. Everyone has come together so kindly to help us through this dark time. Many people have pushed to their limits and even beyond to help us search for Miles. Anyone who still wants to search please do so and if you can let us know where you have been it helps with our plans for the dog teams. If you helped with the dog teams before, would like to volunteer to help this time or if you want to tell us where you have searched please email us at

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