February 23 Update

We found a lonely bike, then found the owner. We have no other reports from the field today. Please the bottom of the page for the UPDATE.


There is a volunteer grid search organized for tomorrow February 24th at 1pm

The search is going to be in a little bit of harder to get to area. We will be entering off of the Powerline Rd and skirting along the edge of the clearcut (see map below). We completed the area shown on the map on February 22nd with 9 searchers and it took us nearly 3 hours. This hike tomorrow should be similar with a few big bluffs in our path. So experienced hikers would be best. The road is very narrow with no parking so if we can all meet at the intersection where the road comes into Manzanita (google maps calls the trail Manzanita as well) we can drive in in a few cars instead of all driving in.

If you are planning on coming a few things to note are that we will be going through pretty ruff terrain and over some bluffs so if you are not comfortable moving through these types of landscapes this might not be the hike for you. I will post about the difficulty of the hike each day so just wait for a more open one. Please bring proper footwear, warm clothes, water, a whistle and any extra whistles that you might have, a small first aid kit and a phone or digital camera. Please read our Search Guidelines before coming out (if you have not already).

Thank you so much it has been great to get out there and search carefully in all of these places that have been on my mind and cross them off the list.

Thank you Cortes

You can call our new contact number (778) 348-3603 (Campbell River cell) and listen to the message or check this blog to find out exact time and location of the next grid search. Leave a message if you would like us to call back, or if you are letting us know a place that you have searched. You can also comment at the bottom of this post.


We would love it if the trails around Hague Lake were checked. If you do go (there or somewhere else), please comment below on the route you took so we have a sense of what territory is being covered. Again, before setting out, please notify a friend and visit our Search Guidelines if you have not already. Thank you for your help!


The Edmonton based Canadian Search and Disaster Dogs Association is planning to return to Cortes with 4 dogs to help with the search from March 6-9th. We are super grateful and excited to see them again soon!

CASDDA was born from a dream, from the union of a vision and a passion…

In a world torn by natural disasters, by discrimination and misunderstandings, we must stand up and give a hand, a smile, we must bring a little hope, a little love, a little help, and show the world that we are one.

Dogs, the kindest creature God ever offered to humanity, were our passion. So they became our tools. With us and for us all, they train and work by day and by night, in the freezing cold and under the suffocating heat. They learn to recognize the human scent of those buried deep under rubble, under snow, they seek the one lost in the woods or fallen off a cliff. They travel across the world to offer their help whenever and wherever. No wind, no vibration of the earth, no language, no religion, no culture will stop them. They are there for you, reliable, loyal, whoever you are, wherever you are… “So you can live…”

~ from their website.

3 thoughts on “February 23 Update

  1. The ‘find a needle in a haystack’ approach is admirable, and necessary, but I suggest you also focus on anything that could reveal information directly. (Some methods may seem a bit ‘way out’)
    1. Other dog owners who may be less experienced and professional, but available and willing to give it a try;
    2. Clairvoyants with some success/experience in similar circumstances;
    3. ‘Remote viewers’ who have an ability to project their mind elsewhere;
    4. Ask the Native Elders at Klahoose for advise.
    This could produce some false or misleading clues but anything reasonable that could be of value should not be overlooked.


    1. Good ideas Richard. It is a big oversight that we have not solicited the advice of the folks at Klahoose. That is a really good point.

      We have several psychics working with us, who all feel he is still alive and that rocky areas are involved. A few think he has found a cabin and that he wants to come home but needs us to come to get him.

      Do you, or anyone for that point, know of any clairvoyants or remote viewers?

      We are working on many levels, and definitely trying not to overlook any reasonable points.


      1. I don’t know any psychics personally (at least I’m not aware of any abilities) but I have noticed someone on line with impressive knowledge and connections. I don’t think his information should be published without permission so please email me for details if that might be useful.

        Taking the existing clues of “rocky area” and “cabin” that are supported by more than one source…

        Most cabins will have reasonable access to get materials there (road, shore etc.) and will tend to be on private property. A shack in the bush on Crown Land is likely to be hidden but close to the shore or a road.

        Looking at the zoning map (the Regional District Zoning Map for Bylaw 2455 is available from srd.ca) together with satellite images on Google Earth, much of the area East from Cortes Bay is sparsely treed and rocky, with large privately owned parcels. I suggest you contact the folks at Tiber Bay (NE 1/4 Sec 12) and Eco Initiatives (DL1127) (Bill Friedel, Irene Blueth, Ann Mortifee etc.), the new owners of Mary Point (SE 1/4 Sec 12) (Paul Stamets etc.), the property known as Frabjas Day, or something similar (W 1/2 of NW 1/4 Sec 12) and the adjacent property designated BLK A to ask if they know of any unoccupied shelters, storage sheds etc. in the area. Also BC Hydro to ask if they have any structures for equipment, storage etc. along the power line. Are there any radio repeater sites in the area?

        Crazy idea… how about a rippin’ big loudspeaker in a helicopter to get his attention…

        (Back to more civilised thinking…:-)

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