February 22 Update


Tomorrow, Sunday, February 23rd at 1pm, we are meeting in the Hague Lake Sandy Beach parking, lot to search around the lagoon. Whoever can make it please bring warm clothing, proper footwear, water, a whistle (and any extra whistles you can lend us), small first aid kits, high vis if you have it, and a phone or camera. Please read our Search Guidelines before coming out (if you have not already).

It helps if everyone who comes is comfortable moving through the forest off of trails as we will be doing a grid through underbrush sometimes encountering bluffs, fallen trees and little streams.

We are planning to put out a location of our community grid search the day before the search each day and we are going to try and meet there at 1pm.

Check our blog or you can call our new contact number (778) 348-3603 (Campbell River local) and listen to the message to find out where we are focusing our search each day and the time and exact location of the group grid search. Leave a message if you would like us to call back or if you are letting us know a place that you have searched. You can also comment at the bottom of this post.


Call 778-348-3603 for our trails and areas of focus if you would like to go for a hike in an area that could be helpful today. If you do go, please comment below on the route you took so we have a sense of what territory is being covered. Again, before setting out, please notify a friend and visit our Search Guidelines if you have not already.


We are still learning to Grid Search. Today at the grid search in Tiber Bay we learned a some of the Do’s and Don’ts and covered a lot of ground with 11 people. Thank you so much to everyone who showed up for the grid search today I think it went really well!

Thank you to everyone who is thinking of coming tomorrow your support means a lot to Jade and to Miles’ family.

On another note, this campfire was found on the bluff due south of the Old Hydro road junction with the second spur of hydro road to Mary’s Point. Anyone recognize it or know when it is from? Seems pretty dry. Please leave any comments at the end of the post.

It felt warm, which could be from the sun, but was definitely dry.
This is where the camp fire was located.
This is from the bluff looking out toward Mary’s Point.

3 thoughts on “February 22 Update

  1. We hiked down to the Maple Tree today with the kids and walked the trails down by the water. The only thing we saw was the navy puffer vest by the beach. I assume that is the one that was reported a week or so ago?


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